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Ancaster Engagement Session

I’m sharing some highlights from my Ancaster engagement session with Matt & Chelsea.  I just shot their wedding on Saturday in Midland, and it was so beautiful – it was so welcoming and magical and they had an amazing rope sign that said “welcome home” that just fit perfectly. They had a backyard wedding, which is always a good time.

Chelsea has an ethereal gracefulness about her, she is a lovely person and she exudes confidence and kindness. I loved the dress she wore for our forest engagement session, also her choice to go barefoot. I love wearing bare feet myself, there is nothing that brings me greater pleasure than walking around my garden in the summer and feeling the cool earth on the bottom of my feet, or being at the cottage and feeling the warm rocks. Definitely sandals over closed up shoes any day, but even better to have no shoes at all.

Chelsea & Matt live in Cambridge but we met somewhere in the middle in Ancaster. They had hiked this trail before and Chelsea really wanted to make it to a specific vista they had seen. I’m just happy to follow along and take photos along the trail. We also crossed a river along the way. I know I always say it, but Hamilton and Ancaster are just so stunning with their network of trails, waterfalls and rivers. My best friend moved to Hamilton a little while ago and it looks like such a great place to live. I feel entrenched in Toronto but I always dream of another life where I live a less urban existence, maybe in Niagara on the Lake next to some orchards.

If you ever want to travel for your engagement session, I’m always up for the adventure, get in touch and we can make a plan to do something amazing.

Ancaster Engagement SessionAncaster Engagement Session

Ancaster Engagement Session


Ancaster Engagement Session

Ancaster Engagement SessionAncaster Engagement SessionAncaster Engagement SessionAncaster Engagement SessionAncaster Engagement SessionAncaster Engagement Session

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