Happy Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day was yesterday, and I’m sharing a quick photo of Andi and her mum from one of my first weddings this year. They had such a sweet bond, and I’m such a sucker for mother daughter moments now that I have a daughter of my own.

Andi and Scott had a beautiful wedding at Enoch Turner and it was so full of love and families coming together.

Sorry I have been so quiet (even more quiet than usual! haha) on the blog front, I have A LOT going on in my personal life at the moment, I sold my house two weeks ago, and I’m searching for my new home at the moment. I swing between excitement for the future and such sadness that I’m leaving a place I love so much and have put so much of my creativity and heart into. I hear the lead up to a move is worse, and then once you’re in the new place it gets better. Can anyone relate? I’m moving from the west side of Toronto to the east and I feel like I’m moving to another city.

This photo is a nice reminder that home is where the heart is. And I know my home will feel great once I put my love and personal touch into it. I feel the saddest when I look at my roses blooming in the back and I know Lion’s ashes are buried there, my garden is one of things I will miss most. It’s a true labour of love. Does anyone have any advice for moving?

I shot an amazing wedding at Vaughan Estates last weekend, and already this wedding season is touching my heart with beautiful people and moments. My 2019 is crazy booked up already – please reach out asap if you are interested in working with me!

mother's day


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