Erin + Peter Riverbend Inn

Here are a few photos from Erin & Peter’s beautiful Riverbend Inn wedding. I can’t believe we are already approaching the end of August, I have basically completely forgotten that I have a blog at this point in wedding season. I can manage the solo posts on Instagram, but my blog, not happening. Sorry to anyone who has been checking for recent content, I’m still alive and taking photos!

This was my first time shooting at the Riverbend Inn & Winery, I have seen it off in the distance when I have taken photos at Kurtz Orchards, because they are very close to one another. It’s super charming, not a huge facility, which I really like. It’s intimate and looks like a spectacular place to have dinner on a regular evening as well. I am always charmed by the old clapboard buildings as well. The suites inside were nice, and the bridal suite had a pretty sweet terrace.

Erin rocked a Grace Loves Lace dress, which was just perfect on her. Apparently she knew this was the dress she would get long before getting engaged! I think that’s amazing when people have an idea and stick with it. Erin & Peter had their ceremony at a beautiful Serbian Church and they had other Serbian wedding traditions mixed in with their day, which made it feel really personal.

Yesterday I was in London at the London Hunt & Country Club for a beautiful wedding, and I’m off to another engagement session shortly. I’m hoping to catch up on a little family downtime next weekend, and enjoy some fun with my daughter. She is growing up so quickly and the summer makes it feel even faster, I can’t believe she will be 3 in November. She is so chatty and hilarious, and I love the little person she is becoming.

Riverbend Inn Riverbend Inn Riverbend Inn Riverbend Inn Riverbend Inn

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