Sparkler wedding photo at Steamwhistle

This is my favourite sparkler wedding photo from Candice + Tony’s Steamwhistle wedding last weekend.  There are so many great ones, but I am just desperate to post something on my poor neglected blog. I had the busiest week last week, so many weddings, a private ceremony and a family photo session.  I can’t believe how quickly the summer is whipping by, and that August is right around the corner.

A good sparkler wedding photo takes some planning, the right sparklers, and group coordination so that they are all lit at the same time.  It also helped to have Jason from the Food Dudes yelling instructions for me. Candice and Tony are just lovely relaxed people, and I really enjoyed everything about their wedding. This photo is full of so many happy friends, which I love. It’s pretty great too, you put a sparkler in people’s hands and suddenly there are no phones in the photo. I need to remember this trick 🙂

I will try and get a few posts up this week, though I am told by SEO marketing experts I’m supposed to post consistently, clearly none of them have ever worked as a wedding photographer during the peak of summer haha

I have a pretty great cottage wedding coming up this weekend, and some more fun an relaxed couples lined up for the rest of the year. I have so much work to share already, and as I usually mention, my instagram is a better place to keep up with my work at the moment.

Wishing everyone an amazing summer so far, if you are a unique and relaxed couple getting married next year, please reach out! I still have some availability for 2018.

sparkler wedding photo

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