Annie at Osgoode Hall

Here is a photo of Annie at Osgoode Hall, which is an amazing location for wedding photos btw! Osgoode Hall is a really beautiful spot to take wedding portraits, it has great trees, architecture, and it’s right in the heart of downtown. Annie’s Lea Anne Belter dress was pretty incredible, I’m a huge fan of illusion lace, and beautiful weightless layers of dress that easily get blown by the wind. I’m putting together my next full blog post at the moment, but here is a single photo until I get that done.

In addition to attempting to blog, I have been wrapping up a lot of albums the past little few weeks, pretty excited to deliver those to my clients! Yesterday I also drove up to Minden and shot an amazing snowy cottage engagement session, it was beautiful to be out on the frozen lake and I was pretty happy to get out of the house. Eve has been sick with some weird virus since last Thursday, I have been lucky enough not to get really ill myself, but it’s always challenging looking after a sick two year old. Lots of cuddling and Peppa Pig.

Osgoode Hall Wedding Photos - Nikki Mills

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