Georgian Bay Wedding

A single frame of Cayley from our Georgian Bay wedding shoot. It’s fun to reminisce about the summer while we are in the middle of January. I’m feeling pretty stuck indoors at the moment, but I’m looking forward to visiting Florida in two weeks and being outside without wearing a billion layers. I do like elements of winter, but I definitely prefer it when I can spend hours outside happily.

I would love to shoot more weddings in Georgian Bay, if you are getting married in Georgian Bay please get in touch! I don’t charge anything to travel there and I have a place to stay. This stunning simple floral crown was put together by Blush & Bloom in Toronto – an amazing florist if you’re looking. I find water is always beautiful in photos, but it’s important to shoot it in the right conditions, it can also just look like a giant white reflection or create other harsh situations. I would one day like to take under water photos too.  I have always been drawn to the water, it’s so beautiful and inviting, I always want to dive in. My daughter Eve seems to be a water baby just like I was as a kid, so I’m hoping that stays.

Georgian Bay Wedding

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