Jennifer + John – Ancaster Mill Wedding Photos

Wow, I totally forgot that I even had a blog for the past week! To get the ball rolling again, here is a photo of Jennifer + John from their wedding at the Ancaster Mill. I just got word that their album is on its final journey to me, so I hope that they really love it. I can’t wait to see it myself.

There are so many things to update – Instagram, Facebook, website portfolios, it gets a little crazy sometimes. I think I was in a small daze after shooting my last wedding, Eve turning two and I have had a tonne of meetings in the past week and a half. Tomorrow, my first toddler birthday party featuring a cake with pigs on it, which I will attempt to draw myself.  Wish me luck!

It must be the warm weather, because my December is not usually quite so meeting intensive. I have my first few weddings booked for 2018 which is exciting. I still have some Saturdays left for 2017.  If you are getting married in 2017 get in touch 🙂

Ancaster Mill Wedding photos

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