Matt + Bev – Vineland Estates wedding photos

We took Matt + Bev’s wedding photos at Vineland Estates this past weekend. Basically the day that mother nature said “no more amazing fall for you!” and suddenly winter appeared. Some days are just miserable; the wind is whipping, it’s freezing, and you just think, “wow, photos are going to be tough today” – but then you work with a couple like Bev and Matt that say, “we can take it” and have the best attitude.  We all stayed out and made the most of it – including my amazing second photographer Rebecca.

As the freezing wind whipped, Bev’s veil was swept away, and something beautiful happened. We also took some pretty lovely photos down in the wine barrels, but this is definitely the highlight for me. I love working with adventurous and bold couples. People who will take some risks with me that know it will pay off.

vineland estates wedding photos - Nikki Mills

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