Kelita + Bill – Backyard Wedding, Ontario

Kelita and Bill’s Backyard Wedding in Ontario happened on Bill’s parent’s property in Sunderland. Definitely an epic backyard as far as backyards go. I love intimate weddings, they are so personal and fun. I enjoy taking photos all over, we have such a beautiful province, and it’s one of my favourites things about being a photographer.

When I made the drive to Kelita and Bill’s wedding it was clear that it was going to be a super rainy day. I knew they had planned for some beautiful outdoor locations and I hoped that we would still be outside for most of the day. They were the best, they still had the ceremony in the same location, and the guests held umbrellas. It was beautiful and perfect and memorable.

People often ask what you should do if it rains on your wedding day when it comes to photos, basically stick to your plan, gets some umbrellas and we will still take beautiful photos.

Backyard Wedding Ontario

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