Lindsay + Tom – Steamwhistle Wedding, Toronto

Lindsay and Tom’s Steamwhistle wedding was one of the most relaxed weddings I have ever shot. They were so laid back about this whole wedding thing, they just casually gathered for their ceremony at some point in the evening, no aisle, no entrances, just the two of them. They got ready together at the Ivy at Verity – one of my favourite spots in the east end for preparation photos and I love the trend of couples getting dressed together. They managed to have a wedding that was all about friends, family and having a great time. They had their wedding at Steamwhistle with catering by The Food Dudes.

Lindsay and Tom told me they weren’t super into doing a lot of photos of just the two of them. You would be surprised how often I hear that, and it’s no big deal. It’s portraits like this that make me happy, just the two of them hanging out and being themselves, there is no right or wrong way to do your wedding photos. I have shot several weddings at Steamwhistle over the years and it’s such a versatile space, every wedding has its own vibe. Also, golden hour in that place is just incredible.

I’m going to blog this whole Steamwhistle wedding soon – they had so many great details, oyster and champagne bar, rolls royce, and the Food Dudes – they always do an awesome job. I loved Lindsay’s tea length dress. I really wanted to wear one myself when I got married but I lost my nerve, if I could do it again I would totally go for it. I think it’s great people are getting less conventional with wedding dresses, people are wearing what they want these days.  Patterns or colours, and any length they want. I wonder what brides will be wearing in five years!

Steamwhistle Wedding Toronto

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