Adamson Estate Mississauga Wedding

Here is a photo from Sarah & Youssef’s Adamson Estate Mississauga wedding. I’m not sure if you saw my earlier post, but I am loving these babely brides wearing their hair down, so feminine, especially with the right dress! We took their wedding portraits around Adamson Estate, which is a beautiful spot if your wedding is the in west end of Toronto/Mississauga area. Their reception venue was The Vue, and Sarah had her incredible swing band join them for the cocktail hour. I love how different each wedding is from week to week – people choose such different focuses with each one, and I love hearing the stories of how people met and fell in love.

I really liked this photo in colour, but there is something romantic and lovely about black and white. I always ask couples about black and white, do you like it a lot, a little, etc. I will use that information when I do the final editing. I almost always include black and white and colour, so you will receive both options in the end. The only time you might get a black and white on its own is if there is really funny lighting in a shot and black and white is the only way to really clean it up.

I shot my first Coptic ceremony for Sarah + Youssef and it was pretty awesome, though I think I shot way to many photos of the incense twirling around. It was just so beautiful and the colours are so vibrant. Their church was very cool –  lots of gold and amazing arched doorways.

I can’t believe August is almost over, I have another busy weekend coming up, and I will be in one of my favourite places, Niagara on the Lake, for Natalie and Brandon’s wedding, but this Adamson Estate Mississauga wedding was pretty lovely.

Adamson Estate Mississauga Wedding

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