Boiler House Loft wedding in Toronto

This Boiler House Loft wedding was so charming, Mary & Blake actually held their ceremony and wedding portraits at Spadina House in Toronto and we headed to the Distillery District for cocktails and dinner. It was actually the night of the Tragically Hip’s final concert and the Distillery District lost power to a block of restaurants! A little scary, there was talk of moving the reception to another space at one point, especially as the temperature began to rise (it was SO hot that day). We decided to take a few portraits around the Distillery while we waited for some news, after a brief walk around we returned to the wonderful news that the power was restored. It was pretty crazy to leave the wedding at the end of the night, so many people were crowded around under the Gooderham & Worts sign watching the final concert. I stopped for a little while and listened along with everyone else and then headed home, listening to it live in my car.

I don’t post a lot of first dance photos, but I really like this one of Mary + Blake. These two met Iqaluit, of all the far away places to meet the love of your life! Amazing video lighting by Paul Voden Films, and the planning was put together by P.S.Eventful. I love it when video uses lighting setups that allow me to go outside of my norm with flash and do something a little different.

This was my first Boiler House loft wedding, I shoot a lot at Archeo downstairs, but it’s a great little space, and I like the patio that they have outside. This wedding is going to be featured in the next edition of WeddingBells magazine, can’t wait to see it in print. It’s always fun to see photos not on a screen.

Boiler House Loft Wedding Toronto

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