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I really like lifestyle maternity photography compared to maternity photos in a studio, where pregnant women are wrapped in ribbons and flowers lol. Those photos are pretty, but I prefer capturing life as it really is. Just a couple enjoying life when it’s just the two of them before things really change! You never know what to expect when you have your first baby, you just know it’s going to be really different, but no amount of thinking about it can really prepare you.

I love getting a chance to celebrate happy life events with my couples; I first worked with Neena + Rob when they were married back in 2012. They are such easy going people and they are so sweet.  I really enjoy building friendships and relationships with my clients over time. I have bumped into them around our neighbourhood over the years and I was so thrilled to hear that they are expecting twins!

We took these lifestyle maternity photos around Wychwood Park, which is the most beautiful place to live in the city if you ask me. If I suddenly win the lottery this is where you will find me. It’s like living in the country but you’re in the heart of Toronto. I actually live close by and will settle for walking through the area, especially in the spring.

We wandered around and took some photos to help them remember this happy time when it was still just the two of them. Neena looks amazing, I know it can get pretty intense carrying twins towards the end, so we did her session a little earlier than a single pregnancy maternity session. I actually have younger twin brothers myself, they are identical and people still have a very hard time telling them apart. Twins are a lot of fun. Best of luck you guys, you will be amazing parents!

Lifestyle Maternity Photography Lifestyle Maternity Photography N

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