Joshua Tree Engagement Photos

A few of my Joshua Tree engagement photos from my trip to California at Heck Yeah. They say the light is different in California and it’s true, it’s pretty amazing. I find Toronto is either harsh and bright or dull and grey in the winter. I guess we always want what we can’t have.

Joshua Tree was beautiful. I did the Pacific Coast Highway drive with my bud Lauren and it was the highlight of my trip. We started in San Francisco and worked our way down. Carmel by the Sea was just SO beautiful. It’s just a perfect little town and every house and garden is adorable and lovely. The west coast is so beautiful, and the drive was just incredible. We stopped and took SO MANY photos along the way, we just couldn’t stop ourselves. As a person who got their license way later in life, I am feeling some pangs of regret that I didn’t get it sooner and enjoy some fun road tripping times while I had the chance. Not much fun road tripping with a baby, especially because Eve gets very car sick. 🙁

These two are a beautiful pair, their dog Olive tagged along as well. People always ask if they can bring their dog along to their engagement session, and of course you can, I love dogs. I have a crazy golden doodle of my own.

Joshua Tree Engagement Photos

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