Toronto engagement photo locations

People are always looking for great Toronto engagement photo locations, but I would say they’re all over the city, you don’t need to choose a popular spot where everyone else goes. The most important thing is don’t choose a landmark or a monument, they are the most awkward things for photos in my opinion. An underpass or a park which might not look like much to you, is actually really great for photos. One of my favourite ways to shoot engagement sessions is to meet a couple and pick a few key locations and wander around between them. Some of the best content is from the journey along the way. It’s a way to chat and relax as well, less focus on standing in a single place and taking a billion photos.

Alex and Alexis live in the east end, they have a few favourite streets that they enjoy and we made Queen Street E our main starting point. I really love the pocket around Broadview, that area has really grown up and changed. I used to take figure drawing with Mark Thurman ages ago in one of the old loft buildings south of Dangerous Dan’s and the former Jilly’s – now a converted loft building, I remember walking down those old loft hallways and wondering where the heck I was. I loved figure drawing, I guess it’s all part of my interest inpeople, I find people to be the most beautiful and interesting subjects.

I really like the photos of Alex and Alexis hugging, we had a moment where they weren’t sure about how to embrace and I said “hug the way you hug at home” – Alexis pulled in her arms and snuggled into Alex’s chest because this is actually they way hug. It was so adorable and you can see her comfort level as she does something familiar. The best poses are natural and authentic, because a couple knows the way they actually fit together much better than a photographer does. I like to offer some guidance but also let a couple’s own connection come through.
toronto engagement photo locations

toronto engagement photo locations

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