Toronto Park Elopement

I photographed a beautiful Toronto park elopement this week. I love small intimate weddings, they are so relaxed and personal. Elopements are one of my favourite things, while I have a soft spot for the party that comes along with a wedding, there is something special about simply focusing on a couple and what brings them together. The only people there are close friends and family, and everyone goes out for a nice meal together after. No stress, you can do your ceremony anywhere (ahem, please don’t go to city hall!)

I will share more of this whole ceremony soon. We took some beautiful photos after their ceremony and it started to rain and then the MOSQUITOS found us. It was a little challenging to say the least, also I’m 7 months pregnant. Here’s a shot of Pei Shan. Makeup and hair by Maggie Ng – she always does a great job. I loved Pei Shan’s loosely gathered bright bouquet. She even hung a small chandelier from a tree to mark the location of their ceremony with a special touch. This river was so pretty, some wildflowers along the side made a beautiful spot for a quick bridal portrait. If you’re considering eloping, go for it, and also call me 😀

Toronto Park Elopement

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