Zurry + Brendan at the Markham Museum

Today I’m sharing Zurry + Brendan’s wedding at the Markham Museum. There were so many awesome DIY details with this wedding, I couldn’t possibly include them all, but their wedding was full of heart and just felt like the best parts of summer all rolled into one. I love weddings like this, even though I’m working, spending a summer evening with people having a great time always feels a bit magical.

The Markham Museum is a beautiful location for wedding photos, they have so many cool buildings, also lots of nature surrounding the area. It’s easy for your guests to wander around from the ceremony to the reception, and lots of things to see along the way. The ceremony site was so cute with a little wooden barn. During dinner we wandered over the orchards, yes there are even some beautiful apple trees on the property! One of my favourite venues so far and I would love to get a chance to shoot there again. So far the inquiries I have had for it, I have already been booked. 🙁 If you’re getting married at the Markham Museum and you’re planning a fun wedding with heart, please get in touch.

Zurry & Brendan catered the whole event with food trucks, it has become more popular these days, these two were one of my first couples to do it. Also, how cute are the individual apple pie favours?

Zurry & Brendan started out as roommates and like a perfect romantic comedy, they fell in love and now they are married. They are a great match. You can see their mutual love of nature shine through in their wedding.

This wedding was also featured over on The Knot.




Zurry + Brendan had one of the sweetest and most genuine first looks I’ve photographed. They were both totally overwhelmed with joy when they turned around.  It was beautiful.


Amazing, handmade, pinwheel photobooth backdrop!

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